I Wish I Had The Patience


Before my husband returned home from Hawaii, I took the girls out in the front yard, put old t-shirts on them, laid an old shower curtain down, and let them paint their hearts out. The purpose was to make a Welcome Home sign, but I had canvases and cardboard laying around for them to paint as well.


This is the epitome of happiness for them! They had so much fun, and I had so much fun with them.


I wish I had the patience to do this with them every day. Truth is, most days I just don’t have it in me to pull everything out, let them make a huge mess, and then spend the next hour cleaning it up. When I do, it’s magic.



Morning Memoirs


This morning was uneventful when I first woke up, because my 2 year old was in bed with me. She’s terrified of thunder, and there was a short storm last night.

However, give them 10 minutes and there’s a mess to clean up. I was getting dressed, when my 2 year old spilled her sister’s chocolate vitamin shake on their bedroom carpet and proceeded to lick it up.

Morning Memoirs

I’m not a morning person, never have been. My children, like most, wake up early. They occasionally come in my room at 6am with the intent to wake me up, but not often. I tend to be a little grumpy, plus I need my 15 minutes of waking up (in bed) to become a human being again. Most mornings, I get out of bed slowly when I hear that my girls are awake. I don’t even know how to properly respond to some of the things I’ve walked in on.

I’ve decided to start documenting that moment of dread. Sharing it with the world might make it a little easier to handle, and funnier in the moment. One morning, I woke up to a naked 2 year old jumping up and down on her potty, and my 5 year old singing to herself in the mirror. I realized at that moment how important it is that I keep a camera with me at all times. So, from here on out, I’ll be taking a picture of what I wake up to every morning.

Here’s the first:


My oldest nicely playing with her chore chart. My 2 year old sitting on the table, admiring the (breakable) decorations. I rate this morning: Mild.

Why I’ve Let Go… (a little)

My girl’s are 2 and 5 years old. They make messes, they destroy any chance of my house staying clean, they’re always into something or up to something. They need parenting and guidance, I’m not arguing that, but they also need their freedom and space to learn and grow without me hovering.


I noticed that most of my day was spent lecturing, scolding, redirecting, and preventing behavior. My stress level was high, and my girls were only learning that mommy doesn’t want them moving or touching anything.
My husband was out of town, and I decided to just let go. I would leave the room more often, let them work out their own issues more often, and try to react to most situations calmly (or like I don’t really give a shit). You might think this takes developing a drinking habit, but it doesn’t. I had just had enough.

I’m not sure if it’s helping my girls much, but it’s helping me a ton. I can fix whatever they’ve done later. As long as they’re not going to hurt themselves, I back off. I’ve also cut their TV time down, because I don’t feel the need to constantly keep them occupied. They need to learn to occupy themselves.

I still spend time playing with them, reading to them, and taking care of them, but I also have time to get the laundry done, cook dinner, and relax a little. I still keep a routine, but I’m learning that they’re response to things like bedtime is better when I’m not rushing around trying to do everything for them. They know what needs to be done. They know where they’re suppose to be and as long as I stay chill about it, so do they.

Fighting still happens, but unless someone is getting hurt, I generally stay out of it. When they misuse things, like their art supplies, we clean up the mess later and they loose those privileges for a while. It’s really much simpler than trying to prevent everything, plus I feel like they’re learning more about consequence.


Leave In Detangler


I’m officially in love with this Leave-In Detangling & Smoothing Spray from Melaleuca!
My girls and I have very fine, yet thick hair, so we have a lot of hair that gets tangled easily. Just a little bit of this spray after showering, and it’s suddenly so easy to brush through our hair. It’s amazing.
I’ve used biolage detangler for years, but it really only helps with our tangles. The best part is that this doesn’t contain the hazardous chemicals.

Attain CraveBlocker Bars

Normally, I’m starving by 9:30am (even after eating a good breakfast) and grabbing any unhealthy food in sight to bring my blood sugar back up.
This morning, I grabbed one of these bars for breakfast. It was delicious like a candy bar, plus, it’s 11:30 and I’m still going strong without a snack. I feel fine, not even a little hungry. I’m shocked!