About Me

003 Welcome to my world. My name is Becki O’Connor and I’m a stay at home mom. I have a husband, who helps me out more than I could have ever expected, and 2 girls, who are 1 and 4 years old. I moved to Colorado from Oklahoma 7 years ago and altered my life forever. The path I took led me to beautiful things, and I try not to take those things for granted. We’re just a small family nestled in the Denver suburbs, like hundreds of others, but I want more. I don’t want a bigger house or more things. I want a happier, healthier life for all of us.
My goal is to help my own family find an everlasting bond, and to create happy memories and healthy hearts for years to come. Hopefully, by sharing these efforts, I can reach other families and provide them with ideas and motivation to do the same. Looking back on the past few years, most of it is very hazy. Pregnancy and babies will do that. Now, I feel like the fog is beginning to lift and we have formed our family unit. Everyone’s accounted for and we’re ready to take off. By “take off”, I mean get our asses off the couch, and our girls away from the TV.
It’s time for us to start fulfilling the goals we’ve set, instead of using excuses for not getting things done. There are so many places we want to visit, spaces we want to create, and experiences we want to have. Little life changes can make these things happen for us. Saving money, using time wisely, planning, and organizing are all very important for the road ahead. I hope you’ll travel the road with me.


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