A House for Hermit Crab

We read “A House for Hermit Crab” by Eric Carl this week.


Then, we made our own hermit crab shell.


Supplies we used:

– Plastic Tablecloth (makes cleanup much easier)

– Small Canvas

– Paper Plate

– Paint and Brushes

– Glue

– Glitter Glue

– Buttons and Beads

– Small Stones and Shells

– Glitter

– Googly Eyes


First we painted the canvas, and I cut the paper plates in a spiral. Once the paint was dry, I helped them make a red hand print on the canvas.



While the hand prints dried, they painted the paper plates.


When they were done painting, I glued the plates to their canvas.



Once this was entirely dry (which took several hours), we broke out the glue and got to work decorating. This was their favorite part, and they didn’t need my help once. I never throw away beads, buttons, shells, and so on. Therefore, we had a large collection of random pieces to use. Then, we glued on the eyes.

Here’s the finished project:



These are keepers and will be going on the wall.


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