Castles, Knights, and Dragons

My idea of a productive day is actually playing with my kids and doing something educational with them. I did a lot of that today, even though my patience was running low early this morning. We made a castle out of toilet paper rolls and paper stick puppets, then played with them until they were crinkled and torn all over the apartment. It was fun, and I’m glad we stayed home and did something just for them today.
I’ll get better about taking pictures as we go, but for now I only have pictures of the finished product. I cut tiny squares out of the top of each toilet paper roll, then helped my 4 year old get them all painted. We used scented paint, which made me want to gag, but my daughters really loved smelling them. The puppet cut outs are nice, because you just fold them in half and glue them with a popsicle stick (or in our case a cake pop stick). I printed them out on card stock so they would hold up to being played with for a little while.
I wish I could say this was a normal day for us, but it’s not. I have to make a conscious effort ahead of time to make this sort of thing happen. Last night, instead of cuddling with my husband in front of the TV, I was cutting out a dragon and getting supplies gathered for the day ahead. It was worth it and I’m getting better at the planning ahead of time part of things.

What spurred all of this is my goal to home school my 4 year old over the summer. I’ve already created most of our lesson plans and just have to follow through. The follow through is the hard part for me. It’s just so much easier and less frustrating to do something else, like watch a movie or walk to the park.

I print off free preschool packs for my 4 year old to work on during the week and she loves them. Here are my 2 favorite sites:


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