Preschool Games

I recently made several preschool games for my 4 year old. She’s not reading yet, but she knows her letters and the sounds they all make, so I thought some sight word games would be a good challenge for her. I just help her a lot along the way, until she gets it.


Sight Word Recycling

This game was her favorite! I found these awesome recycling themed cutouts at the Dollar Tree and wrote sight words on them. Then I threw them all over the floor and named her hula-hoop “the recycling bin”. My 4 year old’s job was to pick up the trash and read the word before she threw it in the recycling bin. I helped her read the words, because she’s not quite able to on her own yet, but I had her sound out the letters for me. I had to be very careful to not let her get frustrated, so it would still be a fun thing.



Mouse and Cheese Opposite Matching

We haven’t played this yet, because it’s still a little too advanced. I know my daughter will love this game because she loves activities where she helps bring things together (like mazes with a character trying to get to an object). I have opposite words on the mouse and cheese cutouts, which I also found at Dollar Tree. The game is to match the appropriate opposite words.



My 4 year old can count to 50 on her own, so I felt it was time to start on some basic math. She really enjoys math related activities and I never want her to loose that.

Butterfly Bejeweled

I wrote some random numbers on these butterfly cutouts, then handed my preschooler a bottle of glue and some beautiful jewels. Her job was to glue the corresponding number of jewels to each butterfly. She had tons of fun doing this and never asked for help.




Frog and Lilly Pad Addition Matching Game

I wrote some very simple addition problems on some frog cutouts and the answers on some lilly pad cutouts. My daughters job is to match the appropriate frog to it’s lilly pad answer. This is a very simple game, but the bright, themed cutouts make it very interesting for a 4 year old.



Painting with Numbers

I like to make the games more interesting occasionally by getting imaginative and setting up the scene for my preschooler. For example, with this game I told her a short story.

Once upon a time, there lived a fair princess in a huge gray castle. One morning the princess woke up so sick of gray that she packed a lunch and walked out into nature. There she saw many colors all around her, red ladybugs, bluebirds, green grass. The princess ran back to her kingdom and declared that her castle should be painted as colorful as nature. The painters ran to get their supplies, but somehow it was all a jumbled up mess. They needed help to match their paintbrushes to the right pails. Can you help them?

Then it’s her job to match the paintbrush to the pail with the correct number.

Suggestion: I stuck star stickers to the paint brushes, but soon they will be removed and I will just add permanent marker dots. The star stickers come off to easily.







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