Preschool Activity Boxes


I finally did it! I saw this on Pinterest and really liked the idea, so I made it my own. I made weekly preschool activity boxes, instead of daily. I added things to the boxes that we already had laying around the house. The only things I bought were the boxes and some little containers and bags for organizing everything. I tried to make them as themed as possible, but my creative side was having trouble with the resources at hand. A big motivating factor in making these boxes was the fact that my toddler puts everything in her mouth and I had to put away all of my 4 year old’s toys with small pieces. This gives her a chance to play with them again. I just have her open these boxes in a separate room and keep them in there.

Here’s what’s in the boxes:

Box 1 (Theme: Pets)


  • U.S. Animal Flash Cards
  • Macaroni and an Empty Bottle
  • Letter Clothes Pins with Sight Word Cards (match letter on clothes pins to the letters in the word, on the card)
  • Little Pet Shop Pets
  • 2 Books (When You Give A Cat A Cupcake and Playtime Pets)
  • Small Stamps and Stamp Pad
  • Homemade I Spy Bottle
  • Magic Dough with some Play-doh Tools
  • Sight Word Butterfly Cutouts

Box 2 (Theme: Silly Animals)


  • Matching Game
  • Black Construction Paper and Chalk
  • Scratch Pads
  • Container of U.S. Coins and Cards (similar to credit cards)
  • Beads with Ribbon and Pipe Cleaners
  • Paper Clips (for linking together)
  • Zoo Adventure Pop Up Play Set
  • 4 Books (Animal BFFs, Curious George, Eight Silly Monkeys, and Safari Babies)

Box 3 (Theme: Ocean)


  • 3 Books (When Summer is Over, Shark in the Park, and Little Polar Bear)
  • Sight Word Fish Cutouts
  • Sea Shells
  • Magic Dough with Play-doh Tools
  • Ocean Animals
  • Ariel Puzzle
  • Peter Pan Coloring Book with Crayons and Foam Stickers
  • Sight Word Popsicle Sticks and Letter Clothes Pins (for letter matching)

Box 4 (Theme: Farm)


  • 3 Books (Storm is Coming, Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo, and On the Farm)
  • Lacing Animals
  • Mickey Farm Puzzle
  • Red Strainer with Plastic Fruits and Vegetables
  • Opposites Matching Game with Mouse and Cheese Cutouts
  • U.S. States Flash Cards
  • Uno Moo Game
  • I Spy Bag

Box 5 (Theme: Counting)


  • Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Book and Ice Age Notebook with Crayons
  • Bowl of Pom Poms and a Clothes Pin
  • 2 Books (How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten and Dr. Seuss ABC)
  • Frog and Lilly Pad Cutout Addition Matching Game
  • Beans with an Empty Bottle
  • Macaroni with Fishing Line (for stringing)

Box 6 (Theme: Disney)


  • Minnie Bingo Game
  • Moon Dough
  • Minnie and Daisy Puzzle
  • 2 Books (Who’s Birthday is It? and Lets Go to the Airport)
  • Paint Brush and Pail Number Matching Game
  • Container of Collected (and cherished) Rocks

Box 7 (Theme: Fairy Tea Party)


  • 1 Book (I’m a Little Teapot)
  • Tinkerbell Puzzle
  • Little Fairy Toys
  • Colored Clothespins and Pipe Cleaners (for matching)
  • Fairy Stones (known to some as decorative glass rocks) and a Sorting Tray
  • 2 Silver Serving Platters, a Tea Set, and Play Food



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