Knights, Princesses, and Dragons

This weeks theme for my 3 year old is anything related to knights, princesses, and dragons. I’m using pages from the preschool pages link I shared in my last post, but felt like I should do more to involve her even more in the learning process. Yesterday, I sat down and used 2 pool noodles to make swords, but that wasn’t enough, so I found a cardboard box and cut out 2 shields. I used a small cardboard strip and duct tape to attach a handle, then gave them to my daughter to go color with her dad. They had a blast playing knights for the rest of the day.

I also made cloud dough (8 parts flour, 1 part baby oil) for my daughter and her friend to play in. Those girls played in it for hours. I’m very happy I chose to leave this activity outside though, because everything was covered, including both of them, within minutes.

We’ll be taking our girls to the Renaissance festival this weekend to see some “real” princesses, knights, and so on.

…now it time for me to find out if cloud dough washes out of my little pony’s hair.


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