We bought a juicer right before our move and used it for the first time just the other night. I made my 3 year old some juice with mostly fruit. She drank a little and said it was good, but I actually think mine tasted WAY better. I learned something by comparing the two: Don’t just mix together everything you’ve got. I think her juice had a little bit of every fruit in the house, and it tasted bitter and sour. I put less in mine, mostly green veggies, apples, and pineapple. It wasn’t bad.

If you’ve never tried juicing before, I’d like to be honest about the taste with you. It’s like alcohol in the sense that it doesn’t taste as bad once you’ve been sipping on it for a while. I actually like to pretend that mine is alcohol. If it tastes bad enough, I even pour it into a wine glass to further trick myself. It’s an acquired taste (apparently), but I’m not drinking it for the taste, I’m drinking it for the health benefits, so I’m willing to suck it up (literally, if I’m using a straw).


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