BIG Changes

While I was trying to focus on little changes to my everyday life, we made a big change. We were living in a really shitty neighborhood and hated our house, so we moved. Yes, it was that quick (maybe not quite that simple). 10 days after discussing the housing market we were putting in an offer on our new house. We are now in a much better neighborhood and a much nicer house, which we are in love with.

This big change has thrown a huge wrench into our little changes, because it’s hard enough to change habits (eating mostly) when you’re not under added stress. Moving with 2 small children was stressful, but totally worth it in the end. Our eating habits quickly slid off a steep cliff throughout this process, to the point that I was asking my husband to pick up some chocolate chip cookie dough from the store so I could devour the whole thing. Ugh, I’m so weak.

Now that we’re settling into our new home, we’ve been doing better. I’ve finally started cooking again and we’ve even tried some new foods. I’ve been working on our budget, which has suffered the most, and we can make it work with some serious habit changes. No more eating out several times a month, no more grabbing whatever we want at the grocery store, no more hair cuts unless it’s an emergency… Bare minimum is where we need to be for a while and garage sales are our friend.

Speaking of garage sales, have I mentioned that I’m an addict. I can go out at 7am on a Saturday morning and shop garage sales until they all die out, then it’s time to pick up free stuff at the curb. I use to think that everyone loved garage sales as much as I did, or at least they would if they discovered the thrill. I grew up, met a lot of other moms, and quickly discovered that wasn’t the case. Most women (who aren’t my Mom’s age) look at me like I have 3 heads when I start raving about garage sale finds, so I rely on my Mom (another addict) to be my garage sale buddy when she’s visiting.

Enough about garage sales, and I won’t even start with vintage and re-purposed everything (my husband thinks I’m insane in this one area). We plan on getting back to changing the little things, and the first steps will be getting back into a normal routine. I’m learning that if I can’t even remember to take my migraine medication everyday, I can’t function like a normal human being, let alone cook meals from scratch and spend quality time with my little ones.


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